ZVBI Library Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
vbi_aspect_ratioInformation about the picture aspect ratio and open subtitles
vbi_bit_slicerBit slicer context
vbi_channel_profileProxy scheduler parameters for background channel switching
vbi_charAttributed character
vbi_eventEvent union
vbi_export_infoInformation about an export module
vbi_networkNetwork description
vbi_option_infoInformation about an export option
vbi_option_valueResult of an option query
vbi_option_value_ptrOption menu types
vbi_pageFormatted Teletext or Closed Caption page
vbi_pfc_blockOne block of data returned by vbi_pfc_demux_cb()
vbi_program_idProgram Identification
vbi_raw_decoderRaw vbi decoder context
vbi_slicedThis structure holds one scan line of sliced vbi data
vbi_xds_packetXDS Packet. A pointer to this structure is passed to the XDS demux callback

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