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Zapping News

2013-07-11 Libzvbi 0.2.34 released
Thousands gathered to witness the miracle.

2008-02-22 Libzvbi 0.2.28 released
The library is now licensed under GNU Library General Public License version 2 or later. Release notes.

2006-05-10 Libzvbi 0.2.21 released
Oops. WSS capturing from video images didn't work anymore. Release notes.

2006-05-10 Libzvbi 0.2.21 released
Oops. WSS capturing from video images didn't work anymore. Release notes.

2006-05-08 Libzvbi 0.2.20 released
Minor improvements. Release notes.

2006-02-23 Libzvbi 0.2.19 released

2006-02-11 Libzvbi 0.2.18 released

2005-10-08 Libzvbi 0.2.17 released
Updates the XDS demultiplexer, the CNI table, and installs a customized version of ntsc-cc. Release notes.

2005-07-13 Zapping 0.9.6 released
Fixes fullscreen capture mode and a crash at exit. Release notes.

2005-07-06 Zapping 0.9.5 released
This version improves the deinterlace plugin and fixes various bugs. Release notes.

2005-05-26 Libzvbi 0.2.16 released
This version adds a new demultiplexer to extract XDS data from a closed caption stream and a work-around for broken Linux saa7134 drivers. It fixes a crash in the HTML export module, a timestamp assertion and bugs in the test utilities.

2005-04-21 Zapping 0.9.4 released
A bugfix release. Release notes.

2005-04-05 Zapping 0.9.3 released
A bugfix release (yawn...). Release notes.

2005-03-30 Libzvbi 0.2.15 released
This is a bugfix release. Due to an incorrect bytes per line check previous versions could not capture VBI data from the ivtv driver.

2005-03-17 Librte 0.5.6 released
This is a bugfix release. Release notes.

2005-03-04 Libzvbi 0.2.14 released
This version adds new demultiplexers to extract data transmissions in Teletext streams, namely in "Page Format Clear" and "Independent Data Line Format A". A new low-level decoding tool was added for tests. Release notes.

2005-02-28 Zapping 0.9.2 released
Time for another bugfix release. Release notes.

2005-02-28 Librte 0.5.4 released
This is a bugfix release. Release notes.

2005-02-20 Zapping 0.9.1 released
This is a bugfix release. Release notes.

2005-02-15 Zapping 0.9 released
This version has a new deinterlace plugin based on code from DScaler. Zapping 0.9 should also work better with webcams, the screenshot plugin can grab images at full size as opposed to video window size, and the zapping_remote tool was promoted from experimental to usable. Various bug fixes. Release notes.

2005-01-29 Zapping fifth anniversary
Today five years ago Iñaki G. Etxebarria added ChangeLog entry number one: "First really working version". Happy birthday Zapping!

2005-01-28 Zapping runs on PowerPC
Today Ron Kloberdanz confirmed that Zapping runs on a PPC. Considering Zapping is a 100,000+ line, not exactly hardware agnostic app and the authors had only x86 hardware this is a small miracle.

2005-01-24 Libzvbi 0.2.13 released
This version improves the DVB VBI capture routines. It fixes NTSC support in the BKTR driver interface, an include in test/wss.c, and the signedness of the vbi_unham8() return type. Release notes.

2005-01-18 Libzvbi 0.2.12 released
Added public error correction functions. Added a test/demo app capturing WSS data from video images and fixed WSS in VBI capture and osc test apps. Added a work-around for bttv and saa7134 drivers reporting wrong line numbers. Updated the French translation cf. Christian Marillat. Release notes.

2004-12-30 Libzvbi 0.2.10 released
Improved bit slicer and raw VBI decoder, added a new DVB VBI demultiplexer, updated documentation and a few bugfixes. Release notes.

2004-11-11 Zapping 0.8 released
Zapping 0.8 has a much improved Teletext plugin. Amongst other things it can now keep multiple channels in page memory which permits "offline" browsing. With the new libzvbi VBI proxy Zapping can now share a VBI device with other VBI applications such as Nxtvepg. Release notes.

2004-11-11 Libzvbi 0.2.9 released
This version contains the VBI proxy code by Tom Zoerner. With the proxy multiple applications can share a V4L or V4L2 VBI device.

2004-10-11 Zapping 0.7.3 released
This is a bug fix release. Release notes.

2004-10-04 Zapping 0.7.2 released
Zapping now supports fullscreen video capturing, including screenshots and recording while in fullscreen mode, and fullscreen Teletext. Release notes.

2004-09-14 Zapping 0.7.1 released
Zapping has been ported to FreeBSD and Solaris. Xinerama is now fully supported. Various fixes. See also the release notes.

2004-07-10 Zapping 0.7 released
This is the first version of Zapping with Gnome 2 user interface. Many changes. See also the release notes.

2004-05-22 Librte 0.5.2 released
Fixes bug #872742 "doesnt compile with divx4linux-20030428", and ffmpeg color bug.

2004-05-12 Libzvbi 0.2.8 released
Updated the CNI table from TR 101 231 EBU (2004-04a), with an Arte / France 5 correction by Stephane Loeuillet. Next updates in 2008 and 2012.

2004-04-28 New homepage
Redesigned the Zapping homepage. Here's looking at you, kid.