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Prehistoric Screenshots

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Our first exhibit depicts the TV window with floating toolbar at the top left and menu bar at the bottom left. I assure you Zapping worked just as well with docked toolbar and menu, but we lost all pictures during the Y2K armageddon. Note the channel menu, video input and video standard menu still in the toolbar. I have no idea what the menu says, probably something important. The gentleman with the impressive denture is Krusty the Clown. Connoisseurs amongst the readers will recognize episode AABF01.


A controls window to the left, channel editor at the right. In other words, jokers and clowns again. Well, things got a little more complicated since. By the way, the bizarre window decoration and skins are not part of Zapping. We are crazy, but that is ridiculous.

Tune in again next week, when we have translucent menus, dialogs and video.


Our third screenshot shows two pages of preferences, at the time still in notebook form. Trivia: Which options moved elsewhere in present day Zapping? None of course! Today the user interface consists of nothing but preferences. I will announce exact numbers when I finished counting the pages.


This is what you saw while taking another screenshot of episode AABF01, just before the FOX IP enforcement squad kicked down your door. The funny thing obscuring Mr. Kang is a small window showing the screenshot progress bar. Yes kids, those where the days of 4.77 Megahertz.


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